Fallout 1 Walkthrough

So you decided to create a character and give this relic a try... But you have no idea where to go and what to do. Everything seems confusing. Fear not, I'm here to hold your hand and help you navigate the old nuclear world. Here's the Fallout 1 Walkthrough you've been waiting for!

fallout 1 walkthrough  

It's important to acknowledge the fact that Fallout 1 came out in 1997, and because it's such an old game, you might hate it. At first. You might hate the pixelated graphics, the turn-based combat, or the controls. Bear with me tho! I'll show you how to enjoy it, how to increase your stats to their max, where to go, and what to do to complete this memorable game.

This Fallout 1 walkthrough was made with a character that has a high level of Intelligence (at least 7). Don't bother investing in Strength; when you get the Power Armor, your ST will likely be 10. And get Luck at least 6, so you can find the ultimate weapon in Fallout 1, a must have.


Fallout 1 Full Game Walkthrough

Do the first three locations in order. After that, it doesn't really matter. Use targeted shots with pistols and rifles, and aim for the eyes. With good enough Small Guns and Perception, you'll be able to kill most enemies with one shot. Use Stimpaks only when your HP is in red. Save them for the end of the game, when you'll have to face minigun holding super mutants.

SAVE OFTEN. Save after every important dialogue, before leaving town, after every battle, after every little thing that you think might be important. Use all saving slots. Sometimes things go bad for no reason, and you'll thank yourself for not having a Save that's an hour old.

This is a work in progress; more locations will be available soon, as I finish replaying this classic gem for the hundreth time. Sorry for the inconvenience!

  1. Vault 13 (where you start)

  2. Vault 15 (where you try to go)

  3. Shady Sands (where you end up)

  4. The Khans (stinkin raiders, man!)

  5. Junktown (crash and burn)

  6. The Hub (merchants of the wastes)

  7. Necropolis (smell of the dead)

  8. The Brotherhood (of steal)

  9. The Glow (should you be worried?)

  10. Boneyard (nice litte town... maybe?)

  11. The Military Base (a secret lab)

  12. The Cathedral (where it ends)


What else is there to do if you don't slay the Master? Well, not much. You could max your character to level 21. Or... you could go on a wasting spree, trying to get rid of all humans in every town. I never do it. I like to play like my IRL personality: I prefer being a savior and clean the Wasteland of the scum of the earth, making it a better place than I found it. 😇

By now, you should be pretty much invincible and be able to use all weapons with ease. See? Told you Fallout 1 is fun! If you have the patience to learn how to play it.

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Thanks for reading! I hope you found this Fallout 1 guide useful. I've spent a lot of time writing it, doing research, testing things, so you don't have to. I appreciate your visit.


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