Fallout 1 Walkthrough - Vault 15

Vault 15 is located 9 squares east of Vault 13 on the world map. You'd think you'll find a water chip here buuut... that would be too easy, wouldn't it? Vault 15 was long abandoned, and some of its inhabitants formed Shady Sands, with the help of the GECK (Garden of Eden Creation Kit).

The rest of them scatered and became raiders, with the Khans being the closest to the peaceful village. Vault 15 was supposed to stay sealed only for 50 years, and its experiment consisted of mixing and observing radically diverse ideologies. Its level 2 and 3 are now in very bad shape, almost buried under tons of rocks from earthquakes.

fallout 1 walkthrough vault 15

Vault 15 is pretty straight forward buuut... you'll need a rope. Since you don't have a rope yet, let's just explore the first level. Don't worry, you can handle it. First thing you'll see when the level loads is a shack in the middle of nowhere. If you have poor Luck, the entrance will be guarded by a nasty Radscorpion. So don't be unlucky! Click the manhole to go down...

fallout 1 walkthrough vault 15 entrance

Fallout 1 Vault 15 Walkthrough

Interesting enough, this level has the same layout as Vault 13's entrance. Not that you saw it, but you will later. Here you'll have to fight some rats and one mole rat. Pay close attention to the walls! You will notice two lockers that you can loot for some flares (activate them and throw them at enemies to light up a small area), a First Aid Kit and some Stimpaks. 😎

fallout 1 walkthrough vault 15 door  

The elevator on the west side of the level is the furthest you can go for now. You can't climb down the elevator shaft because you don't have a rope. Let's go visit Shady Sands to get one!

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Fallout 1 Vault 15 Guide

What is there to do in Vault 15? Once you got the rope(s) from Shady Sands you can return to Vault 15 to explore more of the bunker. If you run into Radscorpions on the way, run. If Ian dies, don't load the game. That's the Wasteland, my friend. Just loot his body and move on.

fallout 1 walkthrough vault 15 rope  

To climb down the first elevator, open your inventory [i] and equip the rope (drag it into one of the ITEM slots). Click DONE. If you need to, switch to the rope by clicking the big red button on top of the [INV] button, or press b on your keyboard. Next, click the rope and then the elevator shaft. Congratulations! The rope is now attached and you can go down the next level.

There are going to be lots of rats down here... Try to use the spear you got from Aradesh (or any other melee weapon that does decent damage) to conserve ammo. Only use the pistol on the bigger enemies (pig rats), since they are tougher.

Once you're done with this level, you'll need another rope to descend further. In case you didn't bring two ropes, you'll find one in the room immediately down from the elevator. Inside the lockers of the last level you'll find a 10 mm submachine gun, a dynamite and 2 grenades.

fallout 1 walkthrough vault 15 locker  

Done and done! Now head back to Shady Sands to trade the items you collected from the abandoned Vault 15. As soon as you arrive, you'll find out that Tandi, Aradesh's daugther, is missing. Offer your assistance, hero! Next, let's see what we can do to free Tandi from those nasty raiders, the Khans. 🤬

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Thanks for reading! I hope you found this Fallout 1 guide of Vault 15 useful. It's your first step in your quest for the water chip, and your first disappointment. No worries, keep moving!


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