Fallout 1 Walkthrough - Vault 13

Vault 13 is an underground bunker where you were born and lived most of your life. And it's the place where you would have probably died too, if not for that pesky water purification chip giving up the ghost. And now it's up to YOU (who else?) to go out there and bring back a replacement, before it's too late for everyone in the vault. Can you do it? Of course you can! However, you only have 150 days to retrieve the Water Chip. The date is December 5, 2161.

fallout 1 walkthrough vault 13

The purpose of Vault 13 was to remain closed for 200 years, as a study of prolonged isolation. But that didn't go as planned, did it? After watching the monologue of your dear Overseer, kindly asking you to go out into the Wasteland and risk your life for the greater good, you are teleported outside Vault 13, in a cave. You cannot go back in, the controls have locked you out. At least for now. You see a corpse on the ground. Loot it. You should know how to do that by now, but just in case you need a reminder, here: how to loot Ed.

fallout 1 walkthrough vault 13 entrance  

There isn't much to do here but waste some rats. Make sure you get all of them (20), as this little quest is worth 500 experience points (XP). That's halfway to the second level, so take it.

Fallout 1 Vault 13 Walkthrough

Done? OK, it's time to leave. You'll find the exit to the west. Click on the brown hashed area to leave the cave. If you can't, right-click to turn the mouse cursor into a red hexagon and try again. Remember: whenever the cursor is a hand icon you cannot move; it has to be a hex.

fallout 1 walkthrough vault 13 exit  

Now you're looking at the world map. Don't freak out. Simply click on the red button next to Vault 15, to the right. Your little man (or gal) will start moving towards that target. Halfway, you will pass through another location (the unmarked green circle). That's Shady Sands. We will get back to it after we're done with Vault 15. So keep going for now, don't stop.

fallout 1 walkthrough vault 13 to vault 15  

If you encounter enemies on your way to the other vault, run away; it's too early for you to fight. If you encounter a trader named Duc, ask him where he comes from, and he might take you straight to Shady Sands. But for now, let's focus on our next target: Vault 15.

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Fallout 1 Vault 13 Guide

Welcome back, hero! It's only been a few days since you left home, but what an adventure that was! You fought huge scorpions and you helped saved a girl from raiders. Feels like you're leveling up in the world, uh? Returning to Vault 13 feels kinda weird now. Like... you don't belong here anymore. That's the hero's journey for ya.

fallout 1 walkthrough vault 13 guide  

What is there to do in Vault 13? Well, there are a few things you can do for XP. Unfortunately, no one will barter with you or give you any important information. The layout of the first level is exactly the same as Vault 15's. There is a medic here, should you need it. In a wall locker inside the exit corridor you'll find 2 flares. Take the elevator and go down a level. This is the living quarters, where a rebel faction lead by a redhead named Theresa is plotting to leave the vault. To join one of their meetings, you'll have to use the [PIP] button (bottom right) and rest until 5 PM the next day. Then follow the vault dwellers to wherever the bastards are going.

Sadly, I couldn't convince her to give up on her rebellious thoughts, so she and her team of troublemakers had to go. It had to be done... TIP/SPOILER: If you use a melee weapon, you don't have to ice them. They will run way when low on HP, but live. If you do manage to convince her, you'll get rewarded a hefty 750 XP. Going down another level you'll find the vault's library, the armory and your beloved Overseer. Now would be a good time for you to learn how to use the Skilldex. Press [s] on your keyboard, click on Science, and then click on one of the computers with arrows in the library. If successful, you will get 350 XP from each. 🤓

fallout 1 walkthrough vault 13 library  

Next, go to the armory and talk with the security guard there. Ask why is there a locked door in the vault, then tell her "sounds like only people who have need can go in," and that you have a need 😂, and she just might let you in. If unsuccessful, try again. If everything goes well, you will get a shotgun with 40 shells, and a 10 mm pistol with some ammo.

fallout 1 walkthrough vault 13 water thief  

You can also loot the water storage room for some water flasks, a First Aid Kit, Stimpaks, and some Mentats. I always leave the water flasks behind; my people need them more than I do. If you rest until 8 AM [PIP] and talk with the water guard, he will tell you about a problem he's having: someone's stealing water! To catch the culprit, hide in the next room and wait until midnight [PIP]. A suspicious individual will come out of the elevator and enter the storage room. Confront him when he tries to leave and ask to search him. Unfortunately, he will turn hostile, so you'll have to... ahem... terminate him, in a non-synth kind of way. But hey, at least you'll receive 500 XP for getting rid of the water thief. Good job, hero! 😇

On the third level, in the Command Center, find the Overseer and talk to him. If you have the water chip, you will get 7,500 XP for returning it. Talk to the bossman again, then leave the vault. You can go wherever you want at this point. Explore the wastes and make a name for yourself!

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Thanks for reading! I hope you found this Fallout 1 guide of Vault 13 useful. It's the place you were born, but it doesn't have to be the place where you die.


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