Fallout 1 Walkthrough - The Glow

The Glow is located 12 squares south of Necropolis. This is the place where the T-51 power armor and the FEV were born. Initially focused on biological research into finding a cure for the New Plague, assisted by the supercomputer ZAX, the West Tek research facility would become the single biggest private contractor of the American government. They were not able to find a cure... Even worse, after their FEV research was leaked to the public, just several months before the Great War, they were blamed for engineering the New Plague in the first place.

fallout 1 walkthrough the glow

Fallout 1 The Glow Walkthrough

The West Tek research facility was targeted by multiple warheads and destroyed in the nuclear fire of 2077. As a result, the FEV was released into the air, mutating many animals and people of New California. You shouldn't come here without a reason. Make sure to visit the Brotherhood first, to get the infamous Glow quest, which will grant you entrance to their undeground bunker. The Glow is well know to wastelanders as a radioactive pit, and everyone with a brain quickly learned to avoid it. Well, everyone except you. 😅

Before visiting the Glow, I recommend you to stop by the Hub to get some anti-radiation chems from Vander (a peddler in Old Town). I usually buy at least two Rad-X (they give you 100% rad resistance for 24 hours) and some RadAway (to get rid of radiation). You'll also need a rope to descend into the Glow crater, so buy one if you don't have it in your inventory. Which you shouldn't anyway, cause it's heavy! Once you have all that, head out towards the Glow. If it's not on your map already, you will have to find it yourself. Once you're near it (a green circle will appear close by), enter an adjacent square and take two Rad-X for protection against the radiation. Now you can visit the Glow. Welcome to White Hell! (Because it glows at night and kills you silently? You know what, never mind, you don't get it...)

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Fallout 1 The Glow Guide

IMPORTANT! Bringing a companion is highly recommended; you won't be able to carry all the loot from the Glow by yourself. You can [s]teal from your companion and place the extra items in his inventory, and then steal them back when you're ready to sell them. 🤑

First, [use] the rope in your inventory to climb down the crater... Search all the bodies in the first level until you find a holotape. [Use] it for 100 XP (to download its content to your Pip-Boy). At this point, you can leave the Glow and head towards the Brotherhood (since you already have what you came here for, hero!).

However, if you want to keep going, find the yellow keycard, which you can [use] on the elevator to disable its electric field, and then go down a level. You will find more of these electronic security keys (a clear reference to DOOM) in the levels below. No worries! The elevator doors are color coded, so you can easily tell which key goes with which door. Make sure to [use] the keys on the doors tho, or else you'll get a small electric shock (-1HP I believe?).

fallout 1 walkthrough the glow keys  

A red keycard can be found on level 2 on a burnt corpse in the northeastern corner. Finally, a blue keycard can be found on level 4, on the corpse of one Charles Ringhold. There are 6 levels in total, but level 5 can only be accessed after the main power was turned on.

Radiation is a serious nuisance at the Glow and it starts the moment you enter this location. After making sure you took two doses of Rad-X, do not do any action that will pass time, such as using skills or reading books! In the bottom levels, rads accumulate at a rate of just 1 per second. However, in the first three levels, you can get 10-15 rads per second. Occasionally, the game hits you with a large amount of radiation on the surface! If you check your [CHA] and notice your SPECIAL stats are not normal, that means radiation is affection you. So take some RadAway to remove rads (several more doses can be found in the facility). IF ANY OF YOUR STATS GO BELOW 1, YOU WILL 💀. Don't save between levels; too risky.

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Inside level 1 there are several traps (that you cannot disarm, so don't even bother). You'll have to turn on the emergency power to use the elevator. There's an armory in the northeast corner, but you can only open its door if you have Strength 8 (or ST + AG + LK = 18).

The second level contains the red keycard needed to access levels 4 and 6. There are also deactivated robots here (such as robobrains). I highly recommend you to shoot them [A] while they are inactive, because they will become hostile once power is restored!

fallout 1 walkthrough the glow computer  

You'll find more robots in the third level... Levels 4 and 6 can be accessed from the red-coded elevator in the northeast corner. Level 4 contains labs and testing areas, including a captured alien (Zetan in later games) near the supercomputer. This is the place where the most advanced research in the U.S. took place before the war, with ZAX providing you with some interesting backstory on the Forced Evolutionary Virus, should you have time to read it. Level 4 also contains a blue-coded elevator that leads to the secure testing labs of level 5.

Did you know? Having Intelligence 10 while talking to ZAX will reveal one unique dialogue line (the only place in the game that requires max INT).


IMPORTANT! DO NOT head straight to level 6 and activate the main power! All robots will be active when you return. Level 5 is only accessible after turning on the main power. You'll get 1000 XP for entering it, a ton of loot (including a Plasma Rifle and a combat armor), and various holodisks describing experiments that took place there. Only enter level 5 after you've talked with ZAX and attempted to deactivate the security robots there! (Science 40% required)

PRO TIP: You can also use Science on deactivated robots if the power is on. (+100 XP)

fallout 1 walkthrough main power  

Finally, level 6 contains the barracks and the main power generator (southeast corner), which you'll need to fix (36% Repair required) before activating it (and getting another 1000 XP). You've done it! Now you know where the FEV came from and how it affected the Wasteland.

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I hope you found this Fallout 1 guide of the Glow useful. The Brotherhood is giving this quest to outsiders to prevent them from joining. And it works! No one ever came back. Except you.


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