Fallout 1 Walkthrough - The Khans

Tandi, Aradesh's daughter, is missing! Popular opinion is that the Khans have her. How can we free her? Let's find out together! These raiders are located to the south of Shady Sands. The location should be marked on your map, but just in case it isn't, go down two squares.

The Khans are direct descendants of Vault 15. Except, they chose violence, instead of going with the rest of vault dwellers to form the peaceful village you now know as Shady Sands.

fallout 1 walkthrough khans

Fallout 1 The Khans Walkthrough

The Khans are a pain in the arse at this point. A direct confrontation with them is to be avoided at all costs. You are outnumbered and are most likely not strong enough to handle these knuckleheads. First things first, holster your weapon as soon as you enter their camp, or they will attack you. Remember to save the game before venturing any further.

fallout 1 walkthrough khans raiders  

How can we free Tandi from the Khans?
When you talk to the Khans, they will tell you that they 'explore' the lands in search of new supplies, that the nearby towns are welcoming them, etc. Of course, you know it's a bunch of BS, but do not provoke them, or you'll be sorry. Go meet Garl, their leader, and tell him you've come to negotiate the release of Tandi. Say you'll give him "something of equal value" in return.

fallout 1 walkthrough khans leader  

DO NOT challenge him to a one-on-one fight! Unless you have a melee build, he will knock you out. My character was doing no damage to Garl whatsoever. And when I did land a punch, it would inflict like, 1 damage. So, you'd better stay clear from that challenge. Now, if you don't have enough caps or items to trade for Tandi's release (about 700 caps), the gang will turn hostile on you for wasting their time. So make sure you have enough!

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Fallout 1 The Khans Guide

If the trade was successful, Tandi will start following you. Return to Shady Sands and deliver her to Aradesh, which will be very happy to reward you 500 caps for your effort. You will also get 500 XP when freeing Tandi and another 400 XP for returning Tandi to Shady Sands. 😇

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There are, of course, other ways to free Tandi. This is exactly why I love Fallout 1 so much: there are multiple ways to solve a problem. One of them is by intimidating Garl (a Speech of min. 45% is required). The other ways are to either pick the lock to her cell or use dynamite to blast the door. In both ways you'll have to run away from the raiders. Do not engage them; it's a losing battle. Besides, if you wipe them all out, you won't get any XP for freeing Tandi.

Some notes: Activate the dynamite by holding down left-click on the item in your inventory, and then choose the hand icon. Click DONE. Now the dynamite is ACTIVE. Drop it from your inventory by againg holding down left-click on the item and choosing the drop icon. Do it fast, or the item might go off in your own hands! It can also detonate prematurely, because of your lack of experience in handling expl0sives, so keep that in mind. Make sure you drop the dynamite at least one hex away from the cell door or Tandi will be wasted in the blast, and everyone in Shady Sands will become hostile towards you when you return!

fallout 1 walkthrough rescue tandi  

Done freeing Tandi? Now head back to Shady Sands and deliver her to Aradesh. Next, we'll head over to Vault 13, your home, to talk to your folks and gather some supplies.

Feel free to return to this raider camp any time you feel more confident you can handle them. After k1lling all Khans, talk to the female slaves and you'll get 200 XP and +1 REP for each.

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Thanks for reading! I hope you found this Fallout 1 guide of the Khans useful. You learned how to free Tandi from the raiders and return her safely to her father. Let's keep moving! 😄


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