Fallout 1 Walkthrough - Junktown

Located 9 squares south of Vault 13, Junktown was built, as the name suggests, out of random pieces of junk, mostly wrecked cars. Reminds you of Fallout 3's Megaton, doesn't it? The entrance of Junktown is specifically memorable to any old-school Fallout fan out there.

The 'mayor' of Junktown is Killian Darkwater, the grandson of the town's founder. Another big player in town is Gizmo, the fat casino owner. Other place worth visiting is the Crash House motel, home of the Skulz, "the meanest gang in town." Actually, they're the only gang in town, and they do Gizmo's dirty work. 🤬

fallout 1 walkthrough junktown

Fallout 1 Junktown Walkthrough

Junktown's gates are closed at night, so if you arrive at dark, rest until morning, when you can enter. Or, if you have high Charisma and Speech, you can BS Kalnor to let you in at night. However, put your weapon away! If you don't holster your weapon shorting after talking with the guard, he will open fire. One mistake I did was saving right after talking to him, with my weapon drawn. So I was stuck in a loop where he would alwas attack me. If that happens to you too, run away, exit the map, and circle the town for a couple of hours. When you come back, he will be chill. This works in many similar situations, so use it whenever you get in trouble. Note: There's a post on Reddit that Ian will get you in trouble for having his gun out. Dunno a workaround for this... I didn't have him as a companion; he died on my first encounter. 😅

What is there to do in Junktown?
You'd want to trade with the guards and other people in town. Use the BARTER button when talking to them. You can lockpick the hospital's fridge for some Nuka-Colas, and the green box for ammo; the guards don't seem to mind. Try again if at first you're unsuccessful. Make sure to pay Doc Morbid his consultation fee if you don't want to get in trouble.


Junktown is split in three sections:

  1. the entrance, consisting of a hospital (Doc Morbid is here) and a jail;
  2. the Crash House hotel with Killian's store and the Skulz gang;
  3. Gizmo's Casino with its rigged games and the Skum Pitt bar.
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Fallout 1 Junktown Guide

Go to Darkwaters and save your game, just in case something bad happens (like you hitting one of the guards, and then the entire town hunting you down). After the failed attempt on his life (you get +400 XP and +2 REP for assisting), talk to Killian about Gizmo, and offer to help him find out why the slimeball wants him gone. Speak to Killian again to learn about other towns out there, Necropolis in particular. Equip the bug he gave you in your active ITEM slot, and go meet Gizmo. Offer to ice Killian, but ask the dirtbag why he wants him gone. Now that you have his confession, go back to Killian (+ 500 XP), accept the shotgun reward, speak to Lars at the entrance, and go waste Gizmo together for another 600 XP, 500 bottle caps, and +3 REP. 😇

fallout 1 guide junktown  

NOTES: You can also get the confession by using your Steal skill [S] to plant the mic on Gizmo himself. Don't waste Gizmo before taking his confession or you'll be banned from Juntown!

Visit the Skum Pitt bar in the evening and talk to Tycho (he's the guy wearing a gas mask). Ask him to join your group (Tycho's the best companion in Fallout 1). He will only accept if you already agreed to off Gizmo for Killian. He might also teach you some survival skills if you ask about his trip to Cali. Speak with Neal, the bar owner and pick up the leather armor from the idiot skull that challenged him. In the bar, there's also a guy wearing a cap that will tell you about Boneyard, Brotherhood of Steel, and the Hub, when you compliment his singing.

Rent a room at the Crash House for one night and sleep. In the morning, you'll learn that someone has taken a customer hostage. Save the game. Try to convince the raider to let the woman go. If successful, you'll get 1000 XP and one on the house (wink) from Sinthia (if you have good Charisma). If unsuccessful, you'll still get 400 XP, but an angry woman who won't talk to you. The easiest way would be to pay him 100 caps. Just try not to waste him, and whatever you do, don't save during conversations! (the schmuck will turn hostile).

fallout 1 walkthrough khans raiders  

There is one other way: if you have a high enough Sneak, you can get behind the raider and shoot him. This won't slay him. NOTE: your character must not be running in order to sneak (turn off Always Running in game preferences; don't be a noob).

Next, head over to the back section of the Crash House, and speak with the skull wearing a leather jacket about joining his gang of troublemakers. Steal the urn inside the Skum Pitt (-1 REP) at night or early in the morning. Show Vinnie the urn (+400 XP) and offer to take care of Neal later (Speech 55% required). Get this info to the guard with the shotgun at the entrance (+300 XP). Help get rid of the Skulz for another 500 XP, and rest until morning. Or ice Neal for 300 XP, and turn all Junktown against you. Okay, maybe not...

There is another way to get rid of the Skulz, but you'll need high Intelligence. Talk to Sherry, a female skull standing outside their hideout. When you speak to her a second time, ask about her hobbies and stuff, and convince her to leave the gang. Wait one day, and then meet with her at the Crash House. She will confess to you about the various crimes her gang commited. Bring this info to Lars and he will take care of the rest, but you won't get the loot, only 500 XP.


If you return to Killian's store, you can get through the door that is normally locked, and lockpick his safe for 500 XP (he won't care). Optionally, return Neal's urn for free drinks and +2 REP.

Also optionally, you can waste Doc Morbid and his guards, without Junktown guards interfering. You can get some good loot, but you'll lose karma. Another thing you can do is blackmail a guy named Bob in the Hub for selling hvman parts [SPOILER]. In this case, don't ice Doc Morbid. Instead, go down to the basement, and speak with the midget there about the... ahem... b0dy parts [SPOILER]. Then, head over to the Hub and speak to Iguana Bob. Tell him that you know about his secret ingredients and you can get 200 caps every five days for your silence. You can increase this amount based on your Speech skill, but you'll lose 2 karma each time you do it.

fallout 1 junktown walkthrough  

Lastly, for Dogmeat lovers out there, in the southeast corner of the casino area, there is a guy named Phil. Help him get the dog off his property for 100 XP and a furry companion. I'm not gonna tell you how to do that, but I will give you one hint: food. There is also another way to make the dog follow you, and that's by literally becoming Max Rockatansky. If you know, you know. If you don't, do yourself a favor and watch Mad Max (1979), a classic every Fallout fan should be familiar with.

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I hope you found this Fallout 1 guide of Junktown useful. You gained some valuable XP, the trust of the town's mayor, and possibly, two new companions. Or maybe you helped Gizmo... Just be careful! The entire town will become hostile towards you, and you'll lose 6 Reputation. Next, let's head for The Hub!


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